About Us

Our High Quality & Accreditation

The Banff Child Care Centre was among the first child care programs accredited by the province of Alberta. Accreditation is a rigorous quality process of continuously maintaining very high standards. We are also regularly inspected by Alberta Human Services for licensing standards and Albert Health for health and safety quality assurance.

Scope of our Services

We offer programming Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM in six developmentally appropriate age group rooms and two safe and natural outdoor place spaces.

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Our Healthy & Yummy Food

Included in your tuition are two healthy snacks and hot lunch each day. We carefully follow the Alberta Child Nutrition Guide and have our own trained chef who prepares our food using fresh, healthy, and tasty ingredients
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Return on Quality Investment

We recognize that child care and early education are a big investment for families and for public support. Studies show that for every dollar invested in early education, seven dollars are saved by society before children complete high school. The value of quality early education for children and peace of mind for parents pays off many times over in the preschool years and far beyond.

How We Keep Our Tuition Rates Competitive

Families have valuable partners in supporting the investment in early education. The Town of Banff provides our facility as a service to families. The province of Alberta supports accredited programs with a wage top-up to assist in attracting and retaining quality staff. The province also supports child care tuition assistance for qualifying families. At The Banff Child Care Centre, we manage our finances carefully, serving as careful stewards of the funds entrusted in us to deliver innovative learning and quality programming.

Our Spirit of Collaboration

We engage actively in the Banff community as well as in early childhood organizations to both contribute and to learn. We seek grants and partner with philanthropic organizations and talented community members to support creative experiences for children, new equipment and learning materials and ongoing professional development for our staff.

Uniquely Banff

The Day Care Society of Banff was founded in 1975 to meet the growing community needs for child care and early education. We have continually grown in service to families, moving into our current building in 1995 thanks to a collaboration with the Town of Banff. We are a non-profit registered charity guided by our volunteer Board of Directors and a professional staff of 25 dedicated, talented educators and leaders.

Banff, in the heart of Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, is a community known for creativity and innovation where people migrate for nature, arts and the mountain lifestyle. Children grow up in Banff to appreciate a safe, healthy, dynamic community of caring people. Banff is friendly, diverse and full of life. We are pleased incorporate the culture of Banff and Banff National Park as we learn from our natural surroundings. At the Banff Child Care Centre, we strive to both reflect our community and be a leader in education and innovation for children’s learning and positive development.

We take our mission of quality care and education very seriously. We mix in some serious fun to create a relaxed environment where children experience learning through play in many domains and grow at their own pace. Children in our program learn to be a team member with their peers, to communicate clearly, to respect themselves and others, to pursue natural curiosity, and to know the joys of learning, being friends and accomplishing new feats!

Who Learns with Us

  • Children 12 months through prekindergarten
  • Families interested in a well-rounded preschool experience with convenience of full day programs
  • Involved parents, all of whom volunteer to maintain a strong learning organization
  • Teachers who continually sharpen their own professional development and innovation, building meaningful learning for our children
  • Our community as we share information on child development and the importance of early education

How Children Learn With Us

  • Children have natural curiosity and learn by exploring, problem solving and exposure to creative materials.
  • Children learn through flexible, rich environments that offer discovery experiences in safe surroundings.
  • Children learn through a play based emergent curriculum that blends developmentally appropriate planned experiences with interests and questions generated by the children themselves and explored with friends.
  • Children who thrive on rich experiences from ages 1-5 are well prepared for future academics and life success!!