We are delighted that you and your child have joined the Banff Child Care Centre family. You will receive our Parent Handbook upon registration and we want to highlight just a few points to assist in making your experience a positive one. Below is a list our Top Ten New Family Tips!!

Thanks from your service team,

Lindsay – Executive Director who leads our program and staff teams

Top Ten New Family Tips

  • 01

    Your child will enjoy nutritious foods made right here by our dedicated kitchen team. Morning snack at 9:00AM, lunch at 11:30AM or 12:00PM (depending on age group) and snack around 3:00PM after nap. Daily menus are posted in the classrooms each week and written on the white board each day. Some days we have leftover goodies and they will be in a basket for children to enjoy on their way out with parents at the end of the day.

  • 02

    We enjoy outdoor play in many kinds of weather. Please make sure your child has a rain coat and boots, along with cold weather gear, a hat to protect from sun, and outerwear according to the weather. It is helpful to label everything with his or her name and help them learn how and where to put all of the gear.

  • 03

    We find that children adjust well to their new experience when their arrival time is fairly consistent and they have time to enter the group for play of their choice prior to joining their new friends for morning snack. You and your teachers will help your child to feel comfortable and gain independent skills in their new environment.

  • 04

    When you and your child arrive, you will check in via the iPad in his/her individual room and help him/her settle into the group. Then we encourage you to say goodbye and wish your child a grand day and that you will be back in the afternoon. We then follow the same procedure on the iPad for check-out when you pick up your child at the end of the day.

  • 05

    As parents in our program, you will have a FOB ($15 deposit for each) for entrance into our building. Your FOB will open our door from 7:30AM to 6:00PM, on days the program is in operation. Please respect the closing time and plan to be saying good-bye with your child by 6:00 PM.

  • 06

    Your child care tuition is paid by EFT directly from your checking account on the first of every month. Please see Lindsay if you have payment questions.

  • 07

    If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you to take him/her home to recuperate. Any fever over 100.4 or communicable condition needs to be cleared up for 24 hours before your child returns to childcare. Health licensing is regulated by Alberta Health Service guidelines and please see our parent handbook for more detail.

  • 08

    The Banff Child Care Centre is a strong organization due to the support of our parents and our community. Parents volunteer six hours each six months through leadership and team work for special events, fundraising activities, service on our board of directors and committees, and helpful tasks in our program and facility. The parent hours log is at the front desk and you will soon be invited to share your talent and time for the benefit of your child’s early childhood program experience.

  • 09

    The Banff Child Care Centre is operated by our legal entity, The Day Care Society of Banff, which is a registered charity not-for-profit organization. We are governed by our Board of Directors made up of parents from our program and community volunteers. We encourage board and committee involvement and welcome your ideas and input.

  • 10

    Our staff team and parent board of directors are excited that your family has joined us! We strive to make positive and fun early learning experiences for all our Banff Child Care Centre children. We appreciate your active involvement and encourage open communication with our teachers as well as our leadership staff. Again, welcome to your family from all of us!!