Our programs are popular so at most times of the year there are waitlists for each of our six age groups. We encourage you to join the waitlist well in advance of the time you will want to enroll. We accept waitlist forms for our Cub Room (twelve months of age to start) as soon as children are born and families appreciate being near the top of the list within a year if they submit their waitlist form right away. For each age group, we will contact you when you have reached the top of the list and openings occur. Should a family request a schedule change, move from the area or need to disenroll for any reason, forty five days’ notice is required and payment is made for the forty five days.

Please see the Parent Handbook for additional enrollment information and policies. Click here to for the downloadable Parent Handbook.

Download Parent Handbook

Wait List Policy

To ensure fair and equal access the following policies with be observed:

  1. Please note that unborn children are not accepted onto the waitlist, parents must wait until their child is born before registering them.
  2. Full time child care spaces are available for children aged 12months through 5years.
  3. Part time spaces may be available from ages 3years and upwards.
  4. Names go on the waitlist in the order they are received – according to the date of registration.
  5. Spaces are offered as they become available. If you fail to respond to an offer we will accept this as a decline.
  6. If a family passes on a space, the Executive Director will move to the next name on the list. The family will be offered a space two more times, if on the third offer of a space the family continues to decline the offer they will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist.
  7. The waitlist policy may change at any time as the needs of the centre change.
  8. If you accept a place the $50 registration fee must be paid within 48hrs of acceptance or we will offer to the next on the list.